Welcome to I Heart Photo - Romantic, Stylish & Creative Photography

We're Percy & Carla, husband & wife photo team based in Orlando Florida.
We're proud parents of two amazing little men Mathias & Samuel.
They're the joy of our hearts. These boys
keep us very busy and extremely happy!

"We love spending time together, we really enjoy our party of 4. Carla likes to call ourselves The Fab 4 (she's such a Beatle fan) She's very romantic, fun and caring ...loves classic rock and 80's music, if she wasnt a photographer she would probably work on an oldies music radio as a Dj (i swear she knows every old song we hear on the radio :)
She has this fascination for unsolved misteries and scary movies but i think is just an excuse to grab my arms :) she usually falls sleep 15 minutes after the movie started and then wakes up every 10 minutes to try to catch up on the movie asking me what's going on :) She's a good driver but she's so bad with directions! Thanks God she was born in the GPS era"

"Percy is a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and he thinks he is also into sports lol... One of his goals is to participate in a Thriatlon or probably one day to be part of an Ironman competition. He is easy going and he gets along with pretty much anyone. He's creative, fun and adventurous and so good with directions but definetely not a good dancer. What he really likes most is to eat haha...he tries to avoid buffet restaurants because is too tempting.....He's such a sweet guy, the perfect match for me and i'm blessed to have him as husband, friend, business partner and father of my kids"
We have a blessed life.
At the end of the day we enjoy a quite conversation and share a good laugh remembering the adventures of our kids.

Thanks for reading! This was just a little bit about us, we can't wait to hear about you! :) Special Thanks to Jen Stevenson for our family picture :)

Percy & Carla